HDIRS Glossary

HDIRS Glossary

HDIRS Common Terms and Abbreviations

Following is a listing of specific terms that may be useful for HDIRS members, clients, vendors, employees, and stakeholders. Please contact us if you have suggestions for new glossary items.

Health Information Access Layer (HIAL)

A conceptual “layer” of the CHI national blueprint and Ontario architecture that links applications, integration engines, and data repositories to form an integrated system. It provides a single point of access for users, incorporating services such as provider registry and consent management.

Health Information Custodians (HICs)

Individuals (e.g., healthcare practitioners/physicians, pharmacists, paramedics, lab workers, ministry employees, medical officers) or organizations (e.g., hospitals, long-term care homes, laboratories, centre/program that provides community health or mental health services, DI clinics) who have custody or control of personal health information.

Health Information Network Provider (HINP)

An organization that enables two or more health information custodians to securely share electronic personal health information. HDIRS is a HINP.

Health Information System (HIS)

A centralized IT system, usually used in a hospital or large clinic, that captures, stores, manages, distributes, archives, transmits, etc. electronic health and medical information.

Health Level 7 (HL7)

An international standard by which health information is exchanged.