Governance Committees

While HDIRS (now OCINet) operates and maintains a diagnostic imaging repository, hospital members and IHF clients are custodians of the information within it. HDIRS (now OCINet) maintains continuous, constant contact with members and clients via several committees comprised of the people who use the repository regularly.

Clinical Advisory Committee

The Clinical Advisory Committee (CAC) represents the perspective of clinical staff and physicians affiliated with the HDIRS (now OCINet) member hospitals. The committee provides recommendations pertaining to the standardization of clinical processes and operations. To ensure data integrity and consistent sharing of data, the CAC reviews the activity of the Standards Working Group and provides input where needed. The advisory body also provides input to the Privacy and Security Working Group to assist with ensuring the privacy and confidentiality of patient information for all collection, use, and disclosure of personal health information related to the provision of clinical care, education, and research.

Joint Operations Committee

The Joint Operations Committee (JOC) is focused on interoperability and consistent data sharing among member hospitals. The committee contributes to prioritizing technical and operational development. They have an important role in reviewing performance metrics, identifying potential risks, and providing recommendations to the Board.

User and Standards Working Group

This group makes recommendations for the standardization of business and clinical processes. In their work, the committee reviews workflow, policies, system configuration, and technical standards; analyzes current processes and develops new ones; works to understand Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) standards and apply them wherever possible; and individual committee members oversee HDIRS (now OCINet) standardization activities within their own sites.

Privacy and Security Advisory Groups

The Privacy and Security Advisory Groups help to standardize information privacy, security, administrative, and technical controls. Specifically, the Privacy and Security Advisory Groups provide expert input and feedback on HDIRS (now OCINet) privacy and security programs and ensure alignment across all hospital and IHF partnerships necessary for confidentiality, integrity, and availability of shared services.

New Committee Volunteers Welcome!

Are you a radiologist, clinician, radiation technologist, or privacy and security expert working at one of the hospital member sites connected to a regional DIR? Would you like to help ensure the continued effectiveness of the DIR?